Over 200 local authorities of Turkey and European Union member states made applications to the project in inclusion to our application made on March 9th 2018 after ten months of compatible and efficient cooperation during the ten months project preparations works in coordination with our Municipality, Sinaia Municipality, Kuşadası Hoteliers and Investors Association (KODER) and Aydın Chamber of Tourist Guides (ATRO) within the scope of project programme. Our “Strengthening Town Twinning via Sustainable Tourism
with Participatory Approach in Kuşadası and in Sinaia” project was one of the 23 projects to be awarded a grant within the scope of ” Town Twinning Action between Turkey and the EU Grant Scheme (TTGS)” grant programme and our project contact was signed in the offices of located in 23 projects of our contract, on December 20, 2018 by the Kusadası Municipality was signed in the T.R Central Finance and Contracts Unit of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance by Kuşadası Municipality on December 20th 2018. In 2006, a mutual municipal council decision was undertaken by Kuşadası Municipality and Sinaia Municipality to be established as sister cities and which the twinning relations are ongoing strongly with many various mutual project implementations having being carried out to date. Study visits were organized with the participation of local governments and bureaucrats in order to get to know each other and to learn the local administration system and priority areas of the city within the scope of the project.

The project has three
main objectives:

1. Improving the management and
implementation capacity of
Kuşadası Municipality and Sinaia
Municipality and the stakeholders in
the city on “Sister-City” and
“International Cooperation”.
2. Ensuring the active participation of
relevant public institutions,
professional organizations and
non-governmental organizations in
the Sister-City Cooperation process.
3. Preparation of a “Sustainable
Tourism Cooperation” themed
cooperation programme between
Kuşadası and Sinaia by using the
“City to City Cooperation” approach.

Furthermore, “Sister-City and International Relations”, “ Project Preparation ”, “Gender Equality in Local Life”, “City-to-City Cooperation Programme” and  Sustainable Tourism” training programs has been organized and executed in which active participation of stakeholders in the city is ensured and concrete projects are carried out. These project training programmes are executed in participation with Kuşadası Municipality, Sinaia Municipality, Kusadası Hoteliers and Investors Association (KODER) and Aydın Chamber of Tourist Guides (ATRO) together with representatives from Kusadası Adnan Menderes University (ADU) Faculty of Tourism, Turkey Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB) , Ecosystem Conservation and Nature Lovers Association (EKODOSD), Kuşadası Women Enterprise Cooperative of Production Business
(KUŞAKK), Kuşadası City Council and Sinaia “Carmen Sylvia” Cultural Centre, Sinaia Casino International Conference Centre, Sinaia National Tourism Information and Promotion Centre, University of Bucharest Ecological Research Centre, Peles National Museum, George Enescu Memorial House Museum, Castle Stirbei Sinaia City Museum, “Peles Sinaia” Romanian National Scouts, representatives of public institutions, professional organizations, academia and non-governmental organizations. In addition to these, handbooks have been prepared within the frame of these training subjects within the context of developing the capacities in institutions and in order to create a common language through training programs. A “Sister-City Platform” and “Sustainable Tourism Platform” will be also be established in order to ensure the sustainability of the project results and local ownership. It is envisaged for KODER to undertake the active role of a moderator in the Sustainable Tourism Platform during the implementation of the “Sustainable Tourism themed City to City Cooperation Programme” which has been developed with the full participation of the Kuşadası and Sinaia city shareholders. A “Letter of Goodwill” shall also be signed between Kuşadası Municipality, Sinaia Municipality, Söke Municipality and Cluj Municipality on sustainable tourism cooperation within the aims of disseminating the experiences of these sister city implementations between Kuşadası and Sinaia Municipalities.